New breeding station in Italy

New breeding station in Italy

To coincide with the impending retirement of our esteemed senior breeder, Carosem has decided to relocate our breeding station to Northern Italy.  This strategic decision will allow   new breeder Dr Paolo Pagan, to develop hybrids with alternative  agronomic  traits suitable to various agro-climatic conditions.

Our ultimate goal is to expand our presence in the Mediterranean basin and areas with a similar climate, expanding our portfolio with new products. At the same time we will continue the breeding program of late maturing varieties like Flakkee and Amsterdam, which will be further developed with field trials at a new location in Bad Essen, Germany.

In conclusion, this new breeding and commercial business plan will not  replace our previous projects, which will always retain an important central role in this company, but they will be an innovative research branch to satisfy new agronomic and market requests arising from an agricultural sector facing climate change.

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