History of Carosem


The original genetic material was created by A.R.Zwaan/Gebr. Broersen in 1977, later becoming Nickerson-Zwaan.  This combined with some OP material from D. van der Ploeg Elite Zade.

In 1991/92 the original genetic material was sold to Pioneer (USA) by NZ.  The breeding programme remained in the Netherlands, near Tuitjenhorn. Following Pioneer’s concentration on field crops, the  programme was then sold to Sun Seeds, USA.

In 1998 the breeder and shareholders of Carosem BV purchased the programme and since then the breeding station has been situated in Ooltgensplaat, NL.

To ensure a strong future for this carrot company, Carosem  relocated the main office to Bad Essen, Germany at the end of 2014 and Carosem GmbH was created.

Since February 2016 we have a new, highly qualified and enthusiastic breeder, Dr. Paolo Pagan, and the breeding activities and production will continue to be developed to create carrot hybrids for worldwide supply.